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January 14

The Wolf of Wall Street – Scorsese supplies what we secretly demand. (Film Review)

A singular moment upon which The Wolf of Wall Street stands, exists when Jordon Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), sitting in a booth at a diner guru-like, before his slack-bellied, poorly educated males desperately searching for their masculinity, asks his charges to sell him the pen he holds in his hand. Brad Bodnick (Jon Bernthal), a successful […]

Why Chomsky is right about Twitter.

An Article in Salon today (you can access it here) suggested Noam Chomsky is wrong about Twitter. I wasn’t au fait with Chomsky’s complaints, observations or otherwise about Twitter. Generally I am a Chomsky fan, but he can lean too much away from Continentalism for me to take him at that Guru status, which probably […]