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December 30

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marraige – The simplified world of Alice Munro. (Book review)

Alice Munro didn’t just win the Nobel Prize for literature this year, she also won the more elusive crown of being one of the few writers to win without controversy and possibly the only female winner to do so. That she won is no surprise in Canada where her books regularly grace the best seller […]

December 08

Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize Lecture

I just had a lovely moment reading Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize Lecture. There are moments like this: “I am a storyteller, so I am going to tell you some stories. When I was a third-grade student in the 1960s, my school organized a field trip to an exhibit of suffering, where, under the direction of […]

Mo Yan Wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

For those of you who think you can bet on this competition, I say give up now and promise me you will never try again.  Mo Yan of China has won the 20102 Nobel Prize for Literature. Mo Yan Born: 1955, Gaomi, China Residence at the time of the award: China Prize motivation: “who with hallucinatory realism merges […]

On Being a Good Reader.

I am a good reader. I say I am a good reader, not because I read a lot. I did complete a speed reading course.  I can speed read something, get “a deep gist”, say I’ve read it and understand that to be the case. I read plenty of books and articles this way, and […]