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November 02

Mistress America – Greta Gerwig shining layer upon layer. (Film Review)

The plotted subtext of Mistress America – that everyone is copying/stealing from everyone else all the time – is a very now response to the overbearing litigious implications of making art that include spilling into the reality of making anything in contemporary society. Greta Gerwig plays Brooke, the quintessential It Girl (played by the quintessential It Girl) in […]

June 13

Frances Ha – Noah Baumback grows a heart and cires “Look at my girlfriend!” (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

Frances Ha is now showing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can get your tickets here. Frances Ha is a film that is loved, loved and then loved, most of all for Gerwig’s performance, which is spellbinding.  This is probably the best film to show off her talents to date – and she did write […]