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April 09

Sami in Paradise – Crashing against a wall of magnitude. (Theatre Review)

Sami in Paradise Belvoir Theatre 1 – 29 April You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Clare Hawley When writing about theatre, it often happens that the subject matter with which one is to engage frustrates the critical drive. Either that or it menaces the entire enterprise and plan of astute approach, undermining all this […]

November 25

Dying for It – Nikolai Erdman is remembered through Moira Biffini and New Theatre (Theatre Review)

“You can’t sentence a man to live.” “Why not?  He deserves it!” There are times when absurdist satire becomes prolific due to control by an oppressive regime and there are times when the regime is successful in stamping out its influence, a case in point being Nikolai Erdman, an enormous Russian talent built belonging to […]