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March 17

Heaven Help Us – Keith Bosler offers up a guilty little pleasure. (Theatre review)

Heaven Help Us Gherkin Global Bordello Theatre – Grab Tickets here. Keith Bosler, playwright, performer and all round funny guy, takes advantage of a thematically familiar plot to playfully wise-crack in Heaven Help Us, which at its heart is nothing more than a fun night at the theatre unapologetically staged in a time when artsy […]

November 29

Triune – Brave New Word take the audience back, forward and sideways through time. (Theatre Review)

The back of the downstairs theatre at the Tap Gallery is covered in A4 sized colour images of films, albums, and odd bits of iconography that represent a mood and a philosophy rather than a time or place. At first they look like a teenagers bedroom, the images internet-stolen, hand printed, blu-tacked to a wall, […]