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March 31

Enright on the Night – Theatre as embodied histories. (Theatre Review)

Enright on the Night The Genesian Theratre 23 March – 13 April. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Grant Fraser Theatre is necessarily transitory and ephemeral. Something of theatre is preserved in text and type, but reviews, programs and published plays can never properly portray the experience of attendance. In this, theatre (and live […]

June 10

A man with five Children – Nick Enright questions selfies and 7-Up. (theatre review)

A Man With Five Children Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse June 3 – June 26 You can grab your tickets here. Images Helen White Rather than documenting our present, it can be argued that filming and photography is an action resulting in a distancing from our present. The camera provides enough distance so we can […]

November 11

Good Works – Ian Sinclair engages a deep connection with Nick Enright. (Theatre Review)

Good Works The Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Eternity Theatre 31 October – 29 November – You can grab your tickets here Images Helen White “There’s no such thing as character, only behaviour” Existentialism and religion have always been the kinds of enemies that occasionally like to sleep with each other. While 60’s existentialism, as exemplified by […]

November 09

Dalylight Saving – Nick Enright and the dominance of the sitcom. (Theatre review)

Daylight Saving Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse, 31 October to 30 November – You can grab your Tickets here. Why do we leave our marriages? Rarely, and usually restricted to the hallowed halls of abandon in Las Vegas, do we enter into marriage lightly. It is something talked over with everyone we love, it is […]

November 16

The Venetian Twins – An Australian take on an Italian Classic. (Theatre review)

I don’t possess the adequate theatre knowledge to give you the lowdown on all the clever internal theatre references in The Venetian Twins, but this doesn’t mean I missed the spirit of them. I haven’t seen The Venetian Twins before and somehow I missed studying the play at school.  I’m sorry for that because Enright and Clarke’s script […]