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April 30

Pygmalion – Steampunk brings the writers true vision to life. (Theatre Review)

Pygmalion New Theatre 23 April to 25 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary The decision by director Deborah Mulhal to use a steampunk aesthetic in her production of Pygmalion has delivered George Bernard Shaw the vital reframing of the play he continually sought after crucial misunderstandings emerged in its staging and […]

February 08

My Night with Reg – Alice Livingstone brings Eric Rohmer to the stage. (Theatre Review)

My Night With Reg New Theatre 5 Feb to 9 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary An unnamed French Film followed by a housewarming dinner party where guests arrive and depart randomly forms the centerpiece of Kevin Elyot’s gently beautiful 1994 play My Night With Reg. The referenced French film with […]

February 09

Fucking Men – The complications of sexual repression. (Theatre Review)

Fucking Men New Theatre for Mardi Gras 6 February to 10 March 2018 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary A popular notion stands that monogamists are repressed and those who refuse monogamy are somehow free. This idea is underpinned by the mythology that desire is free and natural and not the result of […]

October 07

Birdland – The power and problems of The Audience. (Theatre Review)

Birdland New Theatre 3 October – 4 November You can grab your tickets here.  A critical feature of contemporary culture is the power of The Audience to divide and differentiate the socius. Birdland by Simon Stephens is a modern-day character study of a particular celebrity, his moral corruption at the hands of fame, money and […]

September 23

Diva Wars – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Diva Wars Sydney Fringe Festival at The New Theatre September 19 – 23 You can grab your tickets here. The primary problem with the refutation of homosexual unions has always been what heterosexuals lose rather than what homosexuals gain. Alternate relationship options give us a chance to explore ourselves, regardless of orientation. Only by giving […]

April 03

Consensual – Young adults in pursuit of freedom. (Theatre Review)

Consensual New Theatre Newtown 14 March to 15 April You can grab your tickets here Photos Bob Seary When considering the play Consensual, it is important to remember Evan Placey wrote it for older teens still at school. Therefore, it is an adults conceit to imagine Consensual is attempting to apportion censure on either of […]

October 10

Marat/Sade – The inmates are running the asylum. (Theatre Review)

Marat/Sade New Theatre 5 October – 5 November 2016 You can grab your tickets here. Photos: bob Seary Jean-Paul Marat was a white Frenchman who believed passionately in society and its responsibility to the lowest of its citizens. His cry was for the poorest of the poor and his demand they only follow the laws […]

July 17

Proof – The mythology of genius (Theatre Review)

Proof Freefall Productions in association with New Theatre New Theatre 14 – 30 July You can grab your tickets here Images by Michael Snow What we know of genius remains a triumph of mythology over science despite many hours and dollars being spent in research via multiple fields. Abounding myths regarding genius are immortalized in […]

March 20

That Eye The Sky – Does Tim Winton need a little realism with his magic? (Theatre Review)

That Eye,The Sky New Theratre, 15 March to 16 April 2016 You can Grab your tickets here. Photos by Bob Seary When Patrick White lamented in 1958 the absence of a complex and mature Australian literary system, he said: “In all directions stretched the Great Australian Emptiness, in which the mind is the least of […]

March 24

When the Rain Stops falling – New Theatre and the exquisite tragedy. (Theatre Review)

  When The Rain Stops Falling New Theatre 17 March to 18 April You can grab your tickets here Image credits Bob Seary In When The Rain Stops Falling, Andrew Bovell crafts such interesting characters, that he can give them relatively obtuse things to say in a theatrical structure that works against its own narrative […]