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July 03

The Mercy Seat – Who are we when the world falls apart? (Theatre Review)

The Mercy Seat Gentle Banana People in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company Neil LaButes The Mercy Seat opens with a man sitting alone on a couch holding a ringing mobile phone. The apartment setting is shrouded in dust. Soon a woman enters, she takes the ringing phone from his hands and places it on […]

June 23

Helter Skelter – Jonathan Wald and the tragedies of Neil LaBute. (Theatre review)

The first thing to note about Helter Skelter is that normally the play is shown with another one of LaBute’s plays – which may or may not be a good thing. ┬áHelter Skelter is currently having its Australian premiere at the Old 505 theatre, shown without The Furies or Land of the Dead. Having never […]