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April 02

Mike Cooper – White Shadows in the South Seas: Exotica for the dawn of a new age. (music review)

When Arthur Lyman shouted those bird calls into the audience at the Shell Bar in 1951, he had no idea he was teetering drunk on the edge of a revolution. Not just a revolution in sound with the birth of Exotica, but a revolution with the discovery of Island Kitsch igniting a national mania for all […]

November 14

Pith and Amber – the watery words of Carah A. Naseem (Book review)

I’m not even sure what compelled me to purchase Pith and Amber. Perhaps I was entranced by the idea of the beautiful cover?  I wanted to read some books from Fugue State Press who publish beautiful works of experimental fiction, and for some reason I purchased this book. The first thing that strikes me when […]

November 13

Try I Bark – Patrick Farmer and the delicate brush against the surface of all things.(Book Review)

“This book is written to be read out loud and outside” Patrick Farmer I had not planned in not planning   to meet anything other than myself- I write so I can be silent though silence begs to be heard Beauty exists. Just as beauty exists in the depths, the fissures, the unplummetable and the unfathomable, […]

The Cat from Cat Hill – Loris. Music that meanders through my subterranean caverns.

Deep inside my capacity for music listening is a vast potential for horizonal expansion with the texture of cyber-like plasticity. Separate from the music that now inhabits it, or rather tries to inhabit, is the space for music. Long before the music presented itself, something inside me – god, evolution or an expanding to nowhere […]

Roil – Frost Frost: Jazz Improv and beauty alive and well in Sydney

I’m off to see The Necks tonight – lucky lucky me – so there will be a review of that concert tomorrow. Today I thought I would review Roil Frost Frost, as they are another Sydney Jazz improv band – an off shoot project of The Necks Pianist Chris Abrahams in fact. Roil is: a […]