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September 19

Our Father who Art (Nearly) in Heaven – Nathan Finger goes Wilde. (Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review)

Our Father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven Sydney fringe festival at the Seymour Centre You can grab your tickets here A combination of farce and the whodunnit genres is not normally my favourite cup of theatre tea, yet I confess, after seeing Our father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven, I’m starting to wonder why that […]

September 26

Narrow as the Line – Nathan Finger writes, directs and gets you thinking. (Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre review)

One of the quaint things about the cry of the rich that they are winning the battle of the survival of the fittest (an old Banker/business cry left over from the end of the last century – think people like Jeffery Skilling and Rupert Murdoch) is that the “fitter” someone gets by these standards, the […]