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January 13

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – Magic realism meets stream of consiousness. (Film review)

Let’s generously ignore the fact that Birdman  or (The Unexpected Virtues of Ignorance) is yet another film about the growing old anxieties of over privaledged white males, for two reasons – a marvellous little mini-speech by Sam (Emma Stone) shouted at her dad (Michael Keaton) informs us that if  Alejandro González Iñárritu doesn’t necessarily know we’re […]

June 04

Fair Game – Doug Liman and left wing angst. (Film Review)

I don’t think I can call Fair Game a particularly great film, probably more of a guilty pleasure because I share its very obvious point of view, but as far as those films made in the post 9/11 backlash against Bush go, it’s a huge improvement on genre contributors such as Home of the Brave, […]

November 15

Adoration (The Mothers or Adore) – Anne Fontaine re-imagines taboo based desire after Nabokov. (Film review)

Adoration opens with a pair of twelve-year-old girls teasing and chasing each other through a lush forest.  They burst onto a large pristine empty beach, disrobe, and swim out to a small floating dock where they have secreted away sample bottles of spirits for their own illicit amusement. The footage immediately references the opening scene […]

December 22

Funny Games – Haneke holds a mirror. (film review)

I wanted the 2007 version of  Funny Games tonight.  I haven’t seen the version made ten years earlier, but given the nature of the film, I’m not at all surprised he chose to remake it and wouldn’t be surprised if he chose to make it again. This is a film about us as an audience […]