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The Bakery Girl of Monceau – Eric Rhomer comes alive!

Eric Rhomer is a complete enigma for me. I can’t make him out, which inevitably makes him one of my favourite directors. No film maker is more ambiguous.  No film maker can slip in the wisp of wind between complete opposing view points with such a devils twinkle in the eye. I think I have […]

Love in the Afternoon: Rohmer and the end of Six moral tales.

I’ve had reason to pop back and watch some Eric Rohmer lately, a joy and a pleasure I hardly have the words for. The first time I saw this film it sparked a wonderful conversation I remember very well that I will draw on when writing this review. I love this film so much. The […]

My Night at Maud’s – Eric Rohmer and the spirit of the Nouvelle Vague

In  François Truffaut’s famously scathing essay about the state of the French Film in 1954 entitled “A certain tendency of French Cinema”  published in Cahiers du Cinéma, Truffaut writes about the unoriginality of the high prestige  “tradition of quality” films produced in France. He points out they are usually plodding adaptations with formulaic, anti-clerical and anti-bourgeois messages, […]