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January 19

Ono – Ennui: A really good reason to love the 80’s (Music Review)

Ok, so here is a better reason to love the 80’s than even the Eurythmics.  The impossible to underestimate importance of Ono and particularly the powerhouse front man Travis P. (or simply Travis – check his website here) who adds the spiritual angst to the bands tempered electronics, is evident in their influence (I discovered […]

January 15

Hampton Grease Band – Music to Eat: Insanity as music. (Music Review)

Music to Eat is the only ever band produced by the great avant rock band, Hampton Grease Band.  Released in 1971, this double album is said to the the second lowest selling album in Columbia’s history, only outdone for lowest place by a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi yoga instructional record.  Shocking I know, but the band […]

January 14

Keep one eye out for Kail Baxley – Heatstroke / The Wind and the War – (Music Review)

KaiL Baxley grew up in the small backwater town of Williston, South Carolina, the birthplace and stomping grounds of the late great soul legend James Brown, with whom Kail shared an unlikely friendship as a child. “Yeah, James used to say, ‘Boy you bein’ good?’ I’d say, ‘Yes sir.’ He’d say, ‘You know you doin’ […]

January 12

The NOW now right now – Day 2 (festival review)

Well, if there’s one thing we all know for sure now, it’s that the Now now is a mighty big festival. The music is huge and every set a series of highly accomplished musicians doing what they do so well. There is pretty much no chance of sticking to the timetable, which means (unfortunately) for […]

January 08

Everyone’s talking about Berberian Sound Studio and Broadcast (music review)

Berberian Sound Studio is a film I am yet to see, but if you want an excellent review of the film, check out one of my favourite film sites, Bonjour Tristesse for the low down.  It’s certainly one that is ‘on my list’ as they say. However, what I do have, is a copy of the amazing […]

January 07

Panabrite: The Baroque Atrium – experiments with electronic sound. (music review)

I never thought a vocoder could produce a sound that moved me after ELO ruined them forever, but Panabrite’s The Baroque Atrium is an album filled with surprises and that’s just one of them. Panabrite is the solo recording project for Norm Chambers and this is the second album under that moniker. This is a beautifully made record […]

January 05

Iatrogenics – Various artists and an overwhelming optimism. (music review)

… and thanks to fantabulous internet land, I recently received this email: Hi Lisa I saw your kind and generous review of” Iatrogenics” from EDCC  which I was hoping would have been long forgotten by now but apparently, it has come back to haunt me.  My name is Scott Knol and that is me on […]

January 05

The NOW now festival – A Festival of Exploratory / Spontaneous / Experimental / Improvised / Outsider / Other Musics.

January is always a busy time for Sydney-siders with our festival on and all, but this year I’ve decided to stick to the lesser known realms (even though Nick – i am madly in love with you – Cave is in town) and check out some art projects and such. I’ll be attending the Now Now festival – […]

January 03

Han Bennink – Nerve Beats: A man becomes his drum. (music review)

One of my most treasured discs is Dutch percussionist Han Bennink’s album Nerve Beats. Re-released in 2000, it is the extraordinary capturing of an amazing improvised solo concert in 1973 that I wish to holy Christ I was at. (I was too young, and if I was old enough to attend concerts back then I probably would have been […]

January 02

Why I still love Queen, even after my discovery of good music.

I had cause to reflect on Freddy Mercury tonight. My father sent me an email begging me to turn on my television which he knows is only used for films. Not much will convince me to turn on my TV but the lure of Freddy Mercury did it. I think of myself as having a rather delayed […]