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September 16

Pizzica Indiavolata – Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and the cure for what ails you. (Music Review)

I’ve been getting into Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino recently, a folk band from Italy, right down the bottom in the Puglia region, the part that forms the heel of the boot.  The region has a history of Hellenistic influence, and you can hear the Greek ancestry in Pizzica Indiavolata, as well as in their earlier albums. […]

March 12

Judy Kang – Judy Kang reimagines our relationsihp with the classical. (Music review)

I’ve been listening to this album for quite a while and it has grown on me, so much so that I’m searching for it in my playlist these days. It covers such a variety of sound imagery that I find my mood has to be right in order to grasp the depths in her offerings, […]

March 04

Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams play the Sound Lounge. (Music review)

I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful gig here in Sydney on Friday night.  The amazing Mike Cooper, who started as a Blues guitarist and a singer-songwriter, is currently in Australia and he performed his amazing post-deconstruted-avant-bending brand of circular blues infused sounds along side of the great Chris Abrahams, most famously from The […]

February 26

Christian Wolf / Keith Rowe – together again, Erstlive 010 (music review)

PSF: You once said ‘it would be better to get rid of all of that–melody, rhythm, harmony, etc..’ What did you mean by that? Christian Wolf:  That was from that early period again. We imagined, though you never do it completely, that we were starting with a completely clean slate. We were trying to think […]

February 17

Johnny on the Spot – Steelesque and the Pittsburgh sound. (music review)

According to the bands website, Steelesque originally started with the idea of bringing together musicians (unique sounds) to share ideas. This seemed to have worked, because two musicians decided to stay – it seems after all the beer and chips ran out.  Rob Eldrigdge (who conceived of the original idea) and  drummer Josh Eagen. Together […]

January 29

Pythagoron Inc. 1977 – Electronica at its most mystical. (music review)

I’ve been letting it all take me away today (actually that’s not true – I’ve really been in a writing frenzy) to the sounds of Pythagoron Inc. 1977… and that part is true! This lovely little snippet of electronica from 1977 is one of those beautiful pieces best enjoyed on your own. Pythagoron Inc. 1977 […]

January 27

Kinetic Jazz Festival – Voice and masks. (Festival Review)

I heard the voice of an angel this weekend. The sublime Tanya Sparke, supported by the very famous Peter Dasent.  All works performed were written by Sparke while on residency in Bundanoon. Here is a sample of the exquisite voice of Tanya Sparke: What is truly remarkable about Sparke is not so much her voice, […]

January 26

Kinetic Jazz Festival – Muscians affected by Space. (festival review)

I haven’t been lucky enough to get to every evening of the Kinetic Jazz festival, but what I have seen has been stunning.  Apparently much of the program has been especially designed for the festival, with a variety of performance styles and sizes.  There is the known eighteen piece Kinetic Jazz Orchestra and then some […]

January 26

Kinetic Jazz Festival Coverage (article / festival)

Very close to my home, the amazing Kinetic Jazz festival is taking place, and I am lucky enough to be able to pop in and give a bit of festival coverage on this wonderful event. The purpose of this wonderful event is to give some of Australia’s best Jazz musicians the chance to perform in […]

January 24

Thalia – Roger Doyle bent on the road to brilliance. (Music Review)

Roger Doyle is an Irish composer best known for his electro-acoustic work and for his piano music for theater. He was born in Malahide, County Dublin in 1949. Doyle began as a drummer with Supply Demand and Curve and Jazz Therapy playing free-improv and fusion music. He composed the album Rapid Eye Movements including the […]