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October 16

Four Tet Beautiful Rewind Review at Slant Magazine

I am pleased to announce that I am writing music reviews for Slant Magazine. Slant Magazine is a publication I have admired for some time and I am very excited to be writing for them. To add to the fun and pleasure, my first review there is Four Tet’s latest – Beautiful Rewind. Check it […]

February 26

Christian Wolf / Keith Rowe – together again, Erstlive 010 (music review)

PSF: You once said ‘it would be better to get rid of all of that–melody, rhythm, harmony, etc..’ What did you mean by that? Christian Wolf:  That was from that early period again. We imagined, though you never do it completely, that we were starting with a completely clean slate. We were trying to think […]

February 17

Johnny on the Spot – Steelesque and the Pittsburgh sound. (music review)

According to the bands website, Steelesque originally started with the idea of bringing together musicians (unique sounds) to share ideas. This seemed to have worked, because two musicians decided to stay – it seems after all the beer and chips ran out.  Rob Eldrigdge (who conceived of the original idea) and  drummer Josh Eagen. Together […]

January 29

Pythagoron Inc. 1977 – Electronica at its most mystical. (music review)

I’ve been letting it all take me away today (actually that’s not true – I’ve really been in a writing frenzy) to the sounds of Pythagoron Inc. 1977… and that part is true! This lovely little snippet of electronica from 1977 is one of those beautiful pieces best enjoyed on your own. Pythagoron Inc. 1977 […]

January 14

Keep one eye out for Kail Baxley – Heatstroke / The Wind and the War – (Music Review)

KaiL Baxley grew up in the small backwater town of Williston, South Carolina, the birthplace and stomping grounds of the late great soul legend James Brown, with whom Kail shared an unlikely friendship as a child. “Yeah, James used to say, ‘Boy you bein’ good?’ I’d say, ‘Yes sir.’ He’d say, ‘You know you doin’ […]

January 08

Everyone’s talking about Berberian Sound Studio and Broadcast (music review)

Berberian Sound Studio is a film I am yet to see, but if you want an excellent review of the film, check out one of my favourite film sites, Bonjour Tristesse for the low down.  It’s certainly one that is ‘on my list’ as they say. However, what I do have, is a copy of the amazing […]