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January 08

Nagual – Ian McColm and David Shapiro shape shift sound. (Music Review)

The shapeshifting Nagual is folkroic at its foundations and mercurial in its transformations, sliding into and out of its other frame. It’s the perfect emblem of the work of Ian McColm and David Shapiro who come together to transform what they know, what they make and what they do in the presence of each other and […]

September 22

Chasing Kurt: From the inside – Deep House goes personal. (Music Review)

Build my own desire, Set my soul on fire, Music brings me back to my soul. With a fondness (conscious or otherwise) for deconstruction, Chasing Kurt land on the scene with their much anticipated first album “From the Inside.”  Musically, this is an intensely personal album, the three members finding a fusion in an environment […]

September 16

Pizzica Indiavolata – Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and the cure for what ails you. (Music Review)

I’ve been getting into Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino recently, a folk band from Italy, right down the bottom in the Puglia region, the part that forms the heel of the boot.  The region has a history of Hellenistic influence, and you can hear the Greek ancestry in Pizzica Indiavolata, as well as in their earlier albums. […]

June 30

The Metropolitan Orchestra – Claire Edwardes Plays Rojas (music review)

The Aim of The Metropolitan Orchestra is to bring premium quality orchestral performance to more audiences, thereby inspiring a love of classical music. It was launched in 2009 and since then has continually brought superb intimate performances to a wide range of Sydneysiders across the metropolitan area. If it is true that art is brought […]

March 26

Bardo Pond – Yantra: Three epic tracks of dense textural landscape. (music review)

Like all the releases in the Latitudes collection, Bardo Pond’s Yntra arrived on the shelves in limited editions of collector-grade beauty. The three track mini album still clocks out at just over thirty seven minutes leaving with a hefty Bardo Pond vibe combined with a freedom-of-expression improv feel. The result still garners all that Bardo […]

March 12

Judy Kang – Judy Kang reimagines our relationsihp with the classical. (Music review)

I’ve been listening to this album for quite a while and it has grown on me, so much so that I’m searching for it in my playlist these days. It covers such a variety of sound imagery that I find my mood has to be right in order to grasp the depths in her offerings, […]

February 24

Raj – Derek Piotr and the relentless march toward a new horizon. (music review)

The world of Dance music isn’t usually explored on this blog. I tend to be a listener rather than a mover – but that’s by accident rather than design. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the music of Derek Piotr recently, and true to my habits, I’ve done my deep listen rather than an […]

January 24

Thalia – Roger Doyle bent on the road to brilliance. (Music Review)

Roger Doyle is an Irish composer best known for his electro-acoustic work and for his piano music for theater. He was born in Malahide, County Dublin in 1949. Doyle began as a drummer with Supply Demand and Curve and Jazz Therapy playing free-improv and fusion music. He composed the album Rapid Eye Movements including the […]