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September 28

The Films of David Fincher – Se7en. (Film Review)

  Se7en is the second time David Fincher has insisted on a weirdo number title that doesn’t make much sense other than to look kewl, but fortunately it is the last. It is also the first time we see Fincher in all his 126 minute glory after the debacle three years earlier of the third […]

April 25

Transcendence – Antiquated technology meets Antiquated theology. (film review)

The Hollywood black List is old enough (nine years – this is not to be confused with the McCarthy era blacklist) that it is gaining traction in the mainstream these days, and if you pop over here, you can even submit a script to it. For the three of you who don’t know, it all […]

April 04

The Lego Movie – Made by those who love Lego for those who love Lego. (Film review)

If you’re reading all the reviews of The Lego Movie, and they become oddly analogous, strangely lacking insight given the overwhelmingly positive scores, you would be forgiven for thinking the cinematic off-season has driven super-hero/super-natural weary critics into a frenzy of appreciation for anything that isn’t going to ask them to analyse a relationship between […]

August 08

Now You See Me – Louis Leterrier and the magic of magic. (film review)

Do sleight of hand and cinema actually mix? ┬áThis is the central question for Louis Leterrier, who has made a film that he describes as ‘an ode to magic.’ Using existing magic tricks and making them ‘super big’ or introducing new magic tricks, Leterrier does manage to capture the glamour of large scale modern magic […]