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May 29

Blood on the cat’s Nsck – Montague Basement and Fassbinder find the real inside ourselves. (Theatre Review)

Blood on the cat’s Neck Montague Basement and Kings Cross Theatre May 22 to June 1 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Zaina Ahmed For Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the broad scale problems we see about us find their nascency in the micro arguments, power plays and petty aggressions we take out upon each other. […]

January 11

Nosferatu: A Fractured Symphony – Standing on the shoulders of our Vampires. (Theatre Review)

Nosferatu: A Fractured Symphony Montague Basement at The Old 505 Theatre 8 Jan – 19 Jan – You can grab your tickets here. Find out more about the production here. Images: Zania Ahmed   “O Germany- Hearing the speeches that ring from your house, One laughs. But whoever sees you, reaches for his knife.” Bertolt […]

September 20

Cleansed – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Cleansed Montague Basement at PACT Theatre 19-23 September. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Clare Hawley If Sarah Kane is resisting analysis in Cleansed (as in all her plays) then we must ask, to what end? Strapped to the confining bed of the university and the clinic, Cleansed appears to be a Foucaultian commentary […]

July 14

Before Lysistrata – Power to the People (theatre Review)

Before Lysistrata Montague basement Currently showing KXT from 10 July to 22 July You can grab your tickets here Ironically, it was the success of Donald Trump that brought to light a previously hidden kind of absurdity to the discourse of consensus. Before his election win, enlightened reason existed as the great arbiter, the great […]

December 09

The Taming of The Shrew – What do we do with Shakespeare now that he’s so tamed? (Theatre review)

The Taming of the Shrew Montague Basement and PACT theatre 29 November – 10 December at PACT theatre You can grab your tickets here. Image credits:  Zaina Ahmed At the time of Shakespeare, nearly all the marriages were two stage processes. First a binding domestic contract of obligation within the families and secondly a religious […]

September 19

Procne and Tereus – Montague Basement at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Procne and Tereus Montague Basement at the Sydney Fringe festival to Saturday 20 September You can buy your tickets here  How do you tell this story? is the central question at the heart of Montague Basement’s production of Procne and Tereus as written and directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari after the Greek myth of Procne, Tereus […]