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December 06

What Richard Did – Lenny Abrahamson gives us more than a morality tale. (Film Review)

It’s surprising there aren’t more “anti-boiurgoise” films being made these days. ¬†Some of our best film, literature, art and music come from a loathing of the privileged middle class and its annoying patronage that the arts cannot live without. Certainly we see less rebellion against this strangely cloistered section of society who keep mental moral […]

October 25

The Good, The Bad and the Lawyer – Tony Laumberg satirizes the Australian Upper Middle Class. (Theatre Review)

An underbelly of debate¬† – I wouldn’t say “rages”, perhaps “whispers” is a better word – its way around Australian society occasionally regarding the modes and methods of our own personal brand of introspective satire. This debate centers around a pre occupation we have with satirizing our country folk (think Crocodile Dundee), our immigrants (the […]