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February 23

VA – Fukushima! Artists answer the call for beauty. (Music Review) Disc Two

This post is the second in a series of two looking at the double disc. For the first part of the review, please go here.  This double disc collection is inspired by a lecture given by Otomo Yoshihide.  The lecture can be found here and is well worth the reading. Disc two is composed of […]

Hearing Metal 1 – Michael Pisaro connects with the Source

In the notes that accompany the first of the Hearing Metal series by Michael Pisaro, the claim is made that the work is one of intense collaboration between composer and performer. Pisaro writes: The piece evolved as Greg made test recordings based on my suggestions and then sent them to me. AS it happened we […]

Ben Owen – Scored Instruction for Durations / Michael Pisaro – Ascending Series (2.1)

Ben Owen – Scored Instruction for Duration Available from the Compost and Height Split series as download. From the notes: Recorded: 20080527 52° 29′ 41.12″ N 13° 25′ 32.23″ E Landwehrkanal, Berlin, Germany The score is 10 minutes in duration. When the piece is played this specified duration is left to the perception of the […]

Michael Pisaro: stages of musical development – in touch with the divine listening experience.

Michael Pisaro – Harmony Series No.1 from johnny chang on Vimeo. The above is a beautiful performance of Harmony series #1 as composed by Michael Pisaro. Michael Pisaro (born 1961 in Buffalo, New York) is a guitarist and composer. A member of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble, he has composed over 80 works for a great […]