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June 17

Frank – Lenny Abrhamson drags outsider art inside. (Film Review)

Frank is showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can grab your tickets here. Lenny Abrahamson’s What Richard Did was a dark, unassuming film whose impact relied on a combination of not knowing what to expect despite knowing the plot, Jack Raynor’s fine performance that included vulnerability and a remarkably universal take on issues of […]

November 27

The Counselor – Cormac McCarthy and Ridley Scott bring writing to front and centre. (Film Review)

One can usually assume the swelling vortex of Oscar contenders brings with it more quality films this time of year than any other, and there are some excellent films out at the moment, but the best I’ve seen do not have any hope of competing for Oscar glory. It is also fair to say some […]

A dangerous Method – Cronenberg spins a Jungian yarn.

When I first saw the shorts for this film, I distinctly remember the feeling of unrest that curdled my stomach. I so wanted this to be a good film.┬áDavid Cronenberg has made some good films in the past – well I liked The Fly – and I hoped that we were in the hands of […]