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February 10

Visiting Hours – Immersive theatre that satisfies. (Theatre review)

Visiting Hours bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre Feb 7 to 17 You can grab your tickets here Images: Clare Hawley / Asparay Photographics Just as the stethoscope transmits profound and invisible events along a semi-tactile, semi-auditory axis, Visiting Hours at the Kings Cross Theatre seeks to engage the audience in a sensory engagement that develops […]

August 22

Orpheus – The surface as fertile soil for what lies beneath. (Theatre Review)

Orpheus Lies Lies and Propoganda in association with Suspicious Woman Productions Blood Moon Theare at The World Bar 16-27 August 2016 You can grab your tickets here. If it’s a mystery as to why the character Orpheus is so important to Western culture, then it is equally a mystery as to why it has become […]

June 28

Bicycle – Freedom to choose your suffering. (Theatre review)

Bicycle Lies, Lies and Propoganda Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Late stage, Old Fitz Theatre June 21 – July 2 You can grab your tickets here Photo by Matt Ralph. Set (from Inner Voices) by Anna Gardiner. At the end of the great novel “The Piano Teacher” by Elfrie Jelinek immortalised in a film […]

November 17

Roadkill Confidential – Mind bending theatre that evokes the wild ride. (Theatre Review)

Roadkill Confidential Lies Lies and Propaganda theatre company Kings Cross theatre, Kings Cross Hotel 11 – 28 November. You can grab your tickets here Images Emily Elise In Roadkill Confidential, moralising in all its forms, including strong characterisation, is absent. All the characters float by us. They are ephemeral creatures, existing as if they were […]

May 17

Zeroville – Lies Lies and Propoganda go a little Avant Godard. (Theatre review)

Zeroville Lies Lies and Propoganda Get more info here. Photos by Sasha Cohen As director Michael Dean states in his notes in the program to Zeroville, Stephen Hawking warned us at the end of 2015 “that the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” And yet, states Dean, to […]

March 19

The Big Funk – Suspicious women, grease and baths. (Theatre Review)

The Big Funk Suspicious Woman Productions Tap Gallery – March 11 – 21 You can grab your tickets here John Patrick Shanley is definitely a romantic. His heroes always have to perform a grand sweeping gesture that involves some sort of love connection to resolve the problem a residue of build up from the difficulties […]

July 23

Phaedra – Erotic abandonment and cool crisp Sydney nights. (Theatre review)

Phaedra Tap Gallery July 17 – 26. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Sascha Cohen There is a special thing that happens in theatre, a strange discombobulation where the audience is always confronted by the transgressive pairing of “The Real” and “The Not Real.” If a director and performers decide to take advantage […]