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August 26

Magic in the Moonlight – Woody Allen slowly losing his magic. (Film Review)

Woody Allen’s films are hit and miss, with his hits being little gems and his misses being endured for the sake of the hits. Sometimes he can make a truly brilliant heavy-weight film (Husbands and Wives) but then he can also make something superb out of light-weight fluff (Midnight in Paris). Sometimes his gems are […]

January 27

30 Years ago today – Broadway Danny Rose (film review)

Slap bang in the middle of the Woody¬†Wow Days, Broadway Danny Rose made in 1984 is couched between 1983’s Zelig and 1985’s The Purple Rose of Cairo. In ’86 he will make the brilliant Hannah and her Sisters, in ’89 he will make Crimes and Misdemeanours, in ’92 he’ll make my favourite Allen film Husbands […]