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April 25

No – Pablo Larraín and the question of selling out. (film review)

No is a clever film intended to broaden the discourse on the nature of politics, political advertising and the power of film. Rather than preach, No turns the camera on the audience, involving the viewer in an experience of the very issues called into question. It is not a documentary on The 1988 Pinochet plebiscite.  It is a […]

January 22

2 or 3 Things I know about her – Jean Luc Godard whispers meaningfully. (Film Review)

The above scene is easily one of the greatest in the history of cinema. It is Godard’s beautiful lament as his character stares into the cup of coffee that looks like the active universe that gives this scene its power.  Godard whispers: “But since social relations are always ambiguous, since thought divides as much as […]

Board’s of Canada – Geogaddi: Music as manipulation.

The thing that must be said initially about Board’s of Canada’s uber album Geogaddi is a hearty congratulations on all the love its solicited. It is certainly an adored album.  I read in the album’s Wiki that it has mixed reviews, but I have to confess on all the guru music sites I frequent, the album is […]