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Jin Sangtae – Sacrifice 2 : Sounds stretched to a parallel sequence in me.

I first read about this great little disc on Matthew Revert’s blog, Trash Complex. The review had me compelled so I ordered the disc from Erstwhile immediately. In the act of listening to everyday objects, slowly one is able to transform the relationship from a ‘glob-of-object’ into a complex system within itself, a series of […]

More than Interesting: The Tumours of Matthew Revert.

  In the film ‘We Need to talk about Kevin’ a debate rages (following on from the book) about the nature of Kevin’s psychopathy and his relationship to his mother. Kevin is bad. His mother struggles with his ‘bad-ness’. I‘ve heard this book (and now film) described as the lamentations of the middle class housewife. […]

Book trailer for the forthcoming The Tumors Made me Interesting by Matthew Revert.

  I’m so excited about this novel. Just wait. Blogging about this soon.

Le Zapororgue #10 Publishes ‘Three Little Ducks’

My short story ‘Three Little Ducks’ was published in Le Zapororgue #10. You can pick up a copy of the magazine here. I was very proud to be published in this magazine. Not only is its talented publisher (Seb Doubinsky) a great friend of mine, but he is also a brilliant writer and literary activist. […]