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May 24

The Bourne Identity – Doug Liman and the start of something big. (Film review)

It was for a good reason it was supposed the Jason Bourne films might eventually become an American answer to the James Bond films. When Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity first appeared on the big screens, we weren’t necessarily unfamiliar with the plotting, but the director of the successful Swingers in 1996 and Go in […]

September 13

Elysium – Neill Blomkamp with a strong point well made. (Film Review)

I wasn’t going to see Elysium until I’d seen District 9, which reportedly is the far superior film, and looks it from the trailer. But my viewing got all screwed up recently and I found myself at the movies with a ticket and Elysium the only film on the bill I hadn’t seen. And so […]

July 16

Behind the Candelabra – Steven Soderbergh and the ‘appropriate gay’. (film review)

The fear behind colonization and appropriation is the most destructive force on the planet today – and probably has always been.  The desire to claim something for oneself, and negate any other interpretation is a force so pervasive we usually do not know that we have adopted it as our own. I’m going to assume […]