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March 13

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Genesian Theatre electrifies the brilliant novel. (Theatre review)

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Genesian Theatre 7 March – 12 April. Tickets available here. Photograph credits to Mark Banks There has been much talk of Frankenstein lately. A new screen production, and the Ensemble theatre bringing its stage play version to life in 2013. Now, timed perfectly to offer an intelligent alternative to the latest film […]

February 25

I, Frankenstein – A new kind of disaster movie. (Film Review)

If it has ever seemed improbable that a twenty-one year old female could have conceived the idea of one of the greatest horror monsters in human history, that is because a crucial piece of information has been missing from all the previous adaptations of Mary Shelly’s book. That crucial detail? Frankenstein was HOT. You didn’t […]

Review – Ink. J.S. Breukelaar

Ink review – Mutinous talisman She limps in circles Around her room And learns that Butterflies can bite Mutinous talisman It’s a rare writer who takes on writing with the presence of mind to know the world needs what they want to say. Don’t get me wrong. Every new writer thinks they are filled with […]