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November 25

The Les Robinson Stroy – The bohemian life on Sydney’s shores. (Theatre review)

The Les Robinson Story The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November 2014 You can grab tickets here. There’s no getting around it, we need our Bohemians. The bourgeoisie need them to feed their bereft imaginations, bankers and financiers need them to hate, the tourists need them to visit, politicians need them to ignore, the […]

November 25

Interview with Martin Portus – The Les Robinson Story (Theatre Interview)

The Les Robinson Story Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November You can grab tickets here The Les Robinson Story is a monologue by Kieran Carroll about one of Australia’s forgotten literary greats – a problem many people ahead of their time experience in their day, but is ususually followed by a posthumous discovery when […]

September 16

Equus – Michael Campbell and Nomadic Artists bring a soaring passion to the stage. (Sydney FF Theatre Review)

There is something delightful about a banned play being produced for the public, and being performed in front of school children. It gives one the feeling of being Winston Smith, brazenly reading The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by candlelight under the giant solitary eye of Big Brother. Equus is such a play. To […]