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February 03

The Gambler – The turn of the unfriendliest of cards. (Film Review)

One triumph does not a great director make, as we see in the 2015 remake of the semi-remake The Gambler, a film that should have given director Rupert Wyatt a chance to work more of the magic he performed with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but instead winds up being a soup of […]

February 18

Three Kings – David O. Russell’s anti-anti-war film. (Film Review)

Continuing with the ideasĀ that so evidently interested David O. Russell in his first two films, he moves into his third with an altogether different take on the theory and idea of the Lacanian Big Other, although still retaining it as an important motivator. Three KingsĀ is based on a script written earlier by comedian John Ridley, […]