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March 30

Infinitely Polar Bear – Maya Forbes grasps the infinite real. (Film Review)

While Maya Forbes’ film is openly autobiographical (it depicts a period in her life when her mother moved out to attend New York Business school and their bipolar father moved in to care for them) it has a broader and very interesting statement to make about economic barriers and the impact that might have on a […]

January 12

Foxcatcher – The bleak world of American capital. (Film Review)

Number one on the seven social sins penned by Mohandas K Gandhi in Young India in 1925 is Wealth Without Work. Foxcatcher is a film primarily about Capitalism and why it’s dying. In many ways it is the third in a trilogy by Bennett Miller, starting with Capote, about the commodification of crime, turning to […]

September 30

The Films of David Fincher – Zodiac (Film review)

Zodiac is, without doubt David Fincher’s masterpiece and unbeknownst to everyone at the time, it will become the benchmark for all future Fincher films. It is the perfectly realised balance of a fine script, brilliant performances, technical acumen and above all an implacable restraint that is made all the more potent for the films one hundred […]

August 18

Begin Again – John Carney with more lost indie music souls. (Film Review)

It’s an exciting experience when a film that looks predictable, that you expect to follow a certain set of rules, suddenly breaks out of its own self-imposed jail with a surprise that warms the heart so well, the rest of the film is made good. I am talking about one particular scene in Begin Again, […]

August 08

Now You See Me – Louis Leterrier and the magic of magic. (film review)

Do sleight of hand and cinema actually mix?  This is the central question for Louis Leterrier, who has made a film that he describes as ‘an ode to magic.’ Using existing magic tricks and making them ‘super big’ or introducing new magic tricks, Leterrier does manage to capture the glamour of large scale modern magic […]