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September 08

Slapdash Song Night – Keira Daley at the Sydney Fringe (Cabaret Review)

Keira Daley’s Slapdash Song Night Each Sunday night of the Sydney fringe at The Record Crate Grab tickets here.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s something special about Keira Daley – enormous talent meets enormous personality meets enormous brain – her show’s Lady Nerd and Keira Daley v’s the 90’s were […]

September 15

Lady Nerd – Keira Daley and female nerds through time. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

The enormously talented Keira Daley and her super-support dude Mark Chamberlain have a new show at the Sydney Fringe this week called Keira Daley v’s the 90’s which promises to be as witty as her Lady Nerd show.  I’m reviewing it later this week, but by way of warm up for this show, in a […]