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June 10

The Search for Emak Bakia – Oskar Alegria and the search for the clown within. (SFF Film Review)

The Search for Emak Bakir is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can get your tickets here. “This creation is offered by one individual to another, to you, who are here.”  Man Ray “Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.” Man Ray You don’t have to see Man Ray’s surrealist existential masterpiece […]

Eugène Atget – Old Paris: photography of life at its most still.

I was lucky enough to attend the Eugène Atget exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW a couple of weeks back.  I have collected A few of the images here. These have simply been collected from a search.  I have linked them all back to the exhibition web page. If anyone sees any image represented her […]

Midnight in Paris – Woody’s letter to himself.

Woody Allen likes to make films for himself and if other people like them too, well, that’s just darling. If he wants to  copy a Bergman, he does it. If he wants to bash on endlessly about his neurosis, he does it. if He wants to be asking the same questions about the invisible pathways between men […]