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Diamonds of the Night – Heartbreaking beauty by Jan Němec in his first film.

I just don’t know where to start with this beautiful beautiful film. I’ve actually owned this film for a few months and hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet.  It was on my ‘list’ for a couple of weeks then I sat down to focus this week finally – and as usual, I was stunned […]

The Young One – Luis Buñuel does English / American

I just finished watching The Young One, after (I confess) putting it off for about two weeks. I’d never heard of this strange little flick, read it was difficult to get your hands on, a smattering of reviews claimed it was underrated.  I’d seen quite a few   Luis Buñuel films lately, and  – well – I’ve […]

Los Olvidados: Bunuel introduces us to the real street urchins Dickens never knew.

After completing Gran Casino, Luis Buñuel began work on a screenplay with the Spanish poet Juan Larrea called Ilegible Hijo de Fluta (The Illegible Son of the Flute). Óscar Dancigers had a lot of trouble financing the project for them, so Buñuel agreed to direct a ‘popular’ film (aptly named The Great Madcap). Soiled by making such an “impossibly banal” film, Buñuel convinced Óscar […]

Las Hurdes: Luis Bunuel and the surrealist documentary

I watched Las Hurdes (land without bread) today and very strangely, it happened to be reviewed in the New York Times today as well. Pure coincidence – Its been sitting in my quickflix que for months. I’m not sure why a 1932 documentary about an impoverished part of Spain is getting this sort of attention. […]

Luis Bunuel: The Phantom of Liberty – A review

I had the sublime pleasure of watching The Phantom of Liberty on the weekend, Luis Bunuel’s second last film and the one he felt best summed up all he was trying to say as a film maker. Surrealism is an older concept now. Freudians (or Lacanians rather)  have moved past the idea of the latent […]

Diary of a Chambermaid: Bunuel at his best.

Honestly, there are times in my life (so many times seeing as ‘all’ I need is great art to propel me into ecstasy) when I am thrilled to be alive, and watching this glorious film was one of those. I am a fan of surrealism, though most of the reasons I like it are better […]

That Obscure Object of Desire – Luis Buñuel and the universality of desire.

In his essay The Object of Desire and the Totality of the Real, Georges Bataille speaks to the unrelenting nature of passion and its precarious relationship to the intellect.  In reality, what fascinates in this way speaks to passion but has nothing to say to the intellect. Thus it appears, in many cases, that the latter […]