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January 13

God’s of the Plague – Fassbinder and the haunted power of the image (film review)

God’s of the Plague is a very underrated film (so many of Fassbinder’s are) and one of Fassbinder’s favorite that he made. It has a thin plot, and is the second in the gangster trilogy, coming in An American Soldier and after Love is Colder than Death. We are following Fanz Walsch now that he […]

Love is Colder than Death – Fassbinder starts out with a bang.

The above scene gives a strong indication of the power of Fassbinders full length feature, Love is Colder than Death.  I felt this was a wonderful debut although I have read it got him little love at the time. He was seen as an arrogant upstart – which, lets face it, he probably was – […]