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March 16

Destroy, She Said – Marguerite Duras and the radical power of subversion. (fiction review)

You’re all remarkably interested in her,’ says Bernard Alione. ‘Yes.’ ‘Might one inquire why?’ – his voice is stronger again. ‘Literary reasons,’ says Stein, laughing. He goes on laughing. Alissa watches him, enchanted. ‘So my wife’s a character in a novel?’ says Bernard Alione. He sneers. But his voice is still strained in spite of […]

February 20

Beautiful Creatures – Richard LaGravenese and the love of a good script. (film reviews)

Richard LaGravenese seems to be an odd choice as the director for the first of the series post-Twilight fantasy series Beautiful Creatures, mostly because he’s a screen writer and not a director. Yet, in a way this odd twist has worked out well for the film because it has a fantastic script based on the […]

February 18

Anna Karenina – Joe Wright and Tom Stoppard squeeze Tolstoy down to theatre size (film review)

I was rather shocked to find, as I was researching this film, that the story of Anna Karenina has been made into a film twenty-five times. It was considered by Dostoyevsky – a favorite writer of mine – to be the greatest novel ever written, and Dostoyevsky is not alone in that opinion. Having seen […]

February 12

Stephen Kelman chats with Lisa Thatcher (Interview)

I was extremely lucky to have a chance to ask Stephen Kelman some questions about this wonderful book and also about the remarkable achievement of having a first book short listed for such a prestigious prize. Stephen is a wonderful man, and it was a huge pleasure to have a brief chat with him. Check it out: Lisa:  Pigeon […]

January 30

Pride and Prejudice turns 200 – Jane Austen and timless wit.

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance you know. There will always be vexation and grief, and you’re better to know as little as possible of the defects of your marriage partner. You know it is not sound. You would never act like that yourself. Well it seems that Jane will not. so […]

January 22

Secret Sidewalk – Tom Lichtenberg weaves a meta narrative to tease out the child in all of us. (Book review)

“When Marcus was eleven and his little brother Ben was only six, they lived on a boat in the harbor with their mother, a hard-working grocery store clerk named Kristen Holmes. Sometimes Ben had trouble sleeping at night and he would climb to the upper bunk and jab his brother in the ribs until he […]

January 01

aso – Ami Yoshida and Christof Kurzmann mirror the mirrors mirror. (music review)

Although I have never reviewed her on this blog before, I happen to be deeply fond of the music of Ami Yoshida. aso is one of the reasons for this fondness. I’ve had the disc here for a while now… almost a year…  and I confess to digging it out regularly. However writing about this […]

January 01

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – What’s not to love after all? (film review)

“In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Hobbit Hole, and that means comfort.” — The […]

December 01

Call for Submissions: I’d like to review your self published literary novel.

Hello there all my dear readers and fellow writers, This blog has grown quite dramatically in the last twelve months. It has become a respected review source, so much so that my name is now added to media and press events listings for music, theatre and film – which means in the future I will […]

November 14

Is Genre fiction art? Pt 1: Why do so many of us want to write? (Article)

  More than ever before, if a person wants to write a book, they can. The changes to publishing brought about by the digital age are something we are constantly discussing. We have seen these changes affect film and music before writing, but one of the differences between the previous artistic mediums and writing is: 1. Everyone thinks they can write […]