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Retro Love – Songs of Leonard Cohen

In retrospect there is music in one’s life that is recognisable as formative. I only recently ‘discovered’ my passion for avant garde music, but I would have to say looking back that there are certain albums that set me up for a love of music when I finally found my place in that vast ocean. […]

Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas – god bless the man who will not rest.

Ok!  I’m a HUGE Leonard Cohen Fan. But I have to confess to being a little disappointed with the last few albums. I think there is a return to something from the old days here. With songs like Anyhow and Darkness and Going Home I hear the seeds of that old Leonard – the poet wrapped up […]

My favorite Leonard Cohen Album: Songs of Love and Hate.

(I have also reviewed Leonard Cohen’s latest album.) So what’s your favourite Leonard Cohen Album? We are told that a new album is on its way, due January 2012.  The Net-town is a a-buzz with chat about which album is the best, and I confess to it being a delicious way to fizzle away time. After all, […]