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November 12

Spectre – Another day, another Bond. (Film Review)

The whole Bond thing does have a longevity one can’t deny, but this is the first of the films that imagines humans exist around the agent with a licence to kill, beyond the fulfilment of his own reason d’être. Spectre doesn’t rescue Bond from being that talisman for a ludicrously fictionalised masculinity but it does […]

February 09

Blue is the Warmest Color – Abdellatif Kechiche and the aching intimacy of love. (Film Review)

I wondered, after reading so many of the criticisms of Blue is the Warmest Color (note: almost all were written by straight people) if there had been any gay directors who have misrepresented straight sex through the ages in film. Gay actors and actresses have certainly played straight lovers in hetro sex scenes, sometimes well, sometimes […]

December 30

2013: A Magic Year in Film – My favourite films of 2013.

I said in my first post on this topic that 2013 is being touted as one of the best years for film, and after searching through archives for my “X years ago today series” (new to this blog) I can tell you we have been truly spoilt in 2013 with the wonderful films on offer. […]

November 26

Sister – Ursula Meier and the tragic world of children forced to be adults. (Film Review)

The opening scene of Sister shows us an as yet unnamed Simon (Kacey Mottet Klien) in a toilet cubicle examining items he has stolen from the wealthy people around him for their re-sale value. His face is covered by a black ski mask, and he adds a helmet and goggles to the outfit in order […]

March 20

Farewell My Queen – Benoît Jacquot and the object of desire between women. (French Film Festival film review)

I enjoyed this film much more than I expected to, but because it was capped off with a wonderful chance to chat with Benoît Jacquot who is a very charming man, it somehow turned a night at the cinema into an event. Farewell My Queen is billed as the final days of Marie Antoinette’s reign, but it is also a […]