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June 16

Antichrist – Lars Von Trier and extreme grief. (Film Review)

It’s difficult with Lars Von Trier.  A part of me wants to adore him, but a part of me knows he panders to women, so another part of me looks upon that with suspicion. But not as much as I look with suspicion on men who hate his films – or women who passionately adore […]

January 05

The Kingdom Pt 1 – tons of fun the von Trier way. (film review)

  Television has always left me cold. I haven’t had it habitually on for over a decade in my life, preferring films.  There are television shows I like – comedies – but I get these on DVD.  Even the so-called brilliant mini-series of late… notably The Wire and Breaking Bad failed to reach me.  I […]

January 03

Breaking the Waves – Lars Von Trier and the infinite sadness. (film review)

The key to Lars Von Triers amazing 1996 film Breaking the Waves lies in a conversation Bess (played to absolute perfection by Emily Watson) has with her husbands Doctor (played by Adrian Rawlins) when he discovers Bess is trying to solicit meaningless sex with other men to save her husband from dying. He wants to know why […]

Melancholia Non Grata: Lars von Trier and the Infinite Sadness

I attended a seminar last night completely devoted to Lars von triers film Melancholia. I wrote my own review of this film when  I saw it, and I confess my response to it was mixed. While I adored aspects of the film, there were certain responses to it that turned me off parts of the […]

Melancholia: An exquisite chicks flick.

I saw Melancholia on the weekend. The reviews are mixed about this film. I enjoyed reading them (sort of – as usual some are better than others) but there DID seem to be a male female divide among them. Many male reviewers really hated the film (yawn) and many female reviewers really loved the film – citing […]