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SFF: Holy Motors – Leos Carax and the question of Free Will

Up until last night, Faust was the best film I had seen at the Sydney film Festival  – a film I have yet to review on the blog here.  That’s all changed after seeing Holy Motors. This is easily the best film of the festival. To award it the Palm d’ Or would have been […]

Why I love Miller and hate Hemingway, or how I pick and choose my misogynists.

Ok, so I can feminist it up with the best of them. I’ve been down most of the paths: Intellectual antidisestablishmentarianism media whore with Germaine Greer; ultra pissed-off-ed-ness with Susan Brown-Miller and Alanis Morissette (ok, I may never have been THAT shitty); chemistry studies with Mary Daly to try to develop synthetic sperm; Übermensch intelligent […]