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May 11

Clouds of Sils Maria – Olivier Assayas includes and subverts the male gaze. (Theatre Review)

“We are made to need other people, we have no choice, yet we don’t know how to be with them. Not safely.” (From The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant, Play by Fassbinder) To imagine Clouds Of Sils Maria is a film about aging and the way an older actress might see herself reflected in […]

January 19

Still Alice – Julianne Moore swims skillfully through an ocean of tears. (Film Review)

Ok, so the first thing to say is that Julianne Moore is amazing in Still Alice and even though she deserved The Award for so many other films, it will certainly help me sleep just that little better at night knowing she finally has ‘One’, and unlike Susan Sarandon that should have had one forever, […]

September 30

The Films of David Fincher – Panic Room (Film Review)

Panic Room is the first time we see a genuinely intellectually bereft David Fincher, but it won’t be the last, and it probably is no coincidence that it exists hot on the heels of one of Fincher’s least successful films, which ironically will become one of his most popular. Sandwiched between Fight Club and Zodiac, […]

SFF: On the Road – Salles takes Kerouac for a spin

One great thing that this film version of On The Road did for me was get me onto excellent whiskey.  I must say, after watching the film the desire for one was intense.  Was it watching these youths swill it for two hours or the desire to forget these youths that switched me onto it? […]