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Maajun – French prog 70’s style with a tiny bit of everything else.

Oh Prog – how I love thee.  Let me count the ways! I’m not completely sure why I love prog rock so much – it may be the drama and the glam – it may be the undisguised theatrics – who knows? It’s probably my generation – I love this post “rock n’ roll” ethic […]

Lard Free: I’m Around About Midnight – Freakout French prog-post-jazz

This is a lovely little piece of 1973 French ahead-of-its-time-ism for your listening pleasure.  This is a bit of a staple for me; one I return to time and time again, which in a world filled with music means a lot.   ok – yes it’s true, I’m un unrepentant Francophile (well inner-city-left-wing-Praiseanphile to be more […]

Brainstorm – Smile a while! Add a little Jazz fusion to your day.

  So, this is a nice and snazzy little number to start your weekend with. Sure, its Jazz fusion, but it adds some Prog with a dash of Zappa for spice. We start this album with the gettin-ready-to-hit-the-town fun of Das Schwein Trugt (above), and then track two  Zwick Zwick eases us into the rest of the […]