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October 25

Two Hearts – Connecting and disconnecting in Kings Cross. (Theatre Review)

Two Hearts The Anchor theatre compaby, and bAKEHOUSE at KXT. October 19 – November 4. You can grab your tickets here. Playwright Laura Lethlean is a restive thinker with a keen ear for contradictions and obfuscations in language that speak to the failures between communication intention and experience. In pared down multiple sequences, she is […]

October 07

Yen – Anna Jordan and feminine salvation. (Theatre Review)

Yen Kings Cross Theatre with New Ghosts Theatre Company 27 September to 13 October. You can grab your tickets here. In Yen, writer Anna Jordan evokes a feminine savior for two lost boys. This saviour is the same age as her charges, but advanced in maturity. Jenny (Meg Clarke) has suffered like Bobbi (Jeremy Campese) […]

November 23

Night Slows Down – Language as superstructure. (Theatre Review)

Night Slows Down Kings Cross Theatre with Don’t Look Away Theatre Company November 17 – December 9, You can grab your tickets here. Images: Ross Waldron Apparent from the start in Night Slows Down, the new Australian work by Phillip James Rouse, is a language disparity between Sharon (Danielle King) and her brother Seth (Andre […]

November 02

She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange – How and who to be after The Event. (Theatre Review)

She Rode Horses like the Stock Exchange Rocket Productions in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre, 20 October – 11 November. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Clare Hawley, Asparay Photography Occupy Wall Street can be seen as an event that is yet to reveal its profoundity on history. It did not attempt […]

March 20

The Laden Table – A future constructed from a troubled past. (Theatre review)

The Laden Table bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre 10-25 March You can grab your tickets here Images: Natasha Narula It is said that the victors take possession of the dead. This phrase is often used to describe the political motivations of an elected person or a dictator. But does it not equally describe those […]

June 11

Smudge – Disability and Trauma as a crises of language. (Theatre Review)

Smudge The Kings Fools and Bakehouse Theatre Company Kings Cross theatre, May 27 – June 11 (You can grab your tickets here) Images Liam O’Keefe The crises of disability, as immediately obvious in the four opening words of this sentence, is one of language. According to his 2004 paper Trauma without Disability, Disability without Trauma: […]

May 10

Black Jesus – The difficulties in Zimbabwe reach our protected shores. (Theatre Review)

Black Jesus bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company, 29 Apil – 21 May King Cross Theatre, You can grab your tickets here Image credit: Nick McKinlay Watching Black Jesus, one is struck by how rarely we see stories from Africa on our Sydney stages – and how few of even them are written by African writers. The people […]