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August 23

Romeo and Juliet – Stephen Wallace brings something old to brilliant life. (theatre review)

It’s difficult to see a Shakespearean play these days, if by some miracle the play hasn’t previously been seen, parts of it have been used in modern vernacular, advertising, pop-quoting and/or been read, misread and hated through studies at school. Of all the plays that fall under this banner, surely one of the most often […]

May 15

Richard the 3rd (or almost) – Timothy Daly brought to life by Markus Weber and the King Street Theatre. (theatre review)

In the play commonly titled No Exit, but more accurately titled In Camera, John Paul Sartre deals with the concept of sins, our relationship to them, hell, eternity and his all time favorite subject, authenticity. Because his character Garcin utters the phrase “hell is other people” , the primary themes of the play have been […]

December 03

Into the Mirror – Shelly Wall makes us look deeper into what appears to be there. (Theatre Review)

“I hate it. I hate that mirror; it has tormented me since childhood.  Each night I would kneel before it and pray. Do you know what its like to be haunted by an image you know is there, you can feel it, but you can’t see it? I would stand in front of the mirror […]

Zoe: Jean M Gordon examines grief and letting go. (Sydney Fringe Festival)

I’m never going to have my Zoe. How do you mourn someone who never existed? Jean M Gordon is a young writer from Sydney who has written works for the popular Short and Sweet festival (what an important haven for young writers that festival is) as well as several short stories.  Here she tackles the complex subjects […]

The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died – Ildiko Susany explores what’s left when nothings left.(Sydney Fringe Festival)

Can you hear that silence?  It frightens me.  I can hear the death of the stars. And so opens the enormously ambitious first work by play write Ildiko Susany, an extremely talented young woman from Brisbane in Sydney with her play for the Sydney Fringe Festival. It is on at the charming and cozy King Street […]