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September 24

Deathtrap – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Deathtrap Exit Game Productions and King Street Theatre Sydney Fringe. This productions run is complete, but you can find out more about it here. This review contains spoilers Images: Stephen Reinhardt Exit Game Productions saw fit to bring Deathtrap to our stages again for the 2017 Fringe festival. Deathtrap is a fun piece, playing with […]

March 18

The Servant of Two Masters – What does theatre preserve and what does it shake off? (Theatre Review)

The Servant of Two Masters Fools in Progress and Emu Productions King Street Theatre March 14 – March 25 You can grab your tickets here. For those of us who see a lot of theatre, we have to admit that all theatrical events are dense with meaning (this can be traumatic or joyful) but they […]

February 24

Losing you (twice) – Mourning as theatre. (Theatre review)

Losing you (Twice)  King Street Theatre, Newtown Sydney Feb 7-17 The Butterfly Club, Flinders Lane, Melbourne Feb 21-26 You can grab your tickets here. Just as everyone dies, so all those who have not yet died, are immortal. According to Derrida, every close human interaction, particularly love affairs, friendship or family relationships, contains the sadness […]

May 03

Vice – Melvyn Morrow challenges you in your role as judge, jury and executioner. (Theatre Review)

Vice King Street Theatre April 21 to May 9. You can grab your tickets here. Image credits to Thomas Adams It’s taken me a long time to write about Vice. I kept changing my approach, and that in itself tells you this is a piece of theatre that is very thought-provoking and worth spending those […]

July 18

It’s Been A While – Smoking Gum Theatre and the problems of memory. (Theatre Review)

It’s Been A While Smoking Gum Theatre Company and King Street Theatre 16-19 July. You can grab your tickets here. Schoolies week is an excellent topic for live theatre, and It’s surprising it isn’t examined more often. So much about the actions we take so causally in our youth become the blue prints of our […]

July 14

Lisa chats with Lucinda Vitek, director of ‘It’s Been a While’ (Theatre Interview)

It’s Been A While King Street Theatre From 15 July to 19 July You can grab your tickets here. It’s Been A While has a very exclusive run at the King Street Theatre this month, one of those shows you have to dive on to be sure not to miss it. As a teaser before […]

May 13

Trainspotting – Black Box Theatre and Emu Productions take us to the dark side of ourselves. (Theatre review)

Trainspotting Black Box Theatre and Emu Productions King Street Theatre till May 24. Buy Tickets here.  I saw Irvine Welsh at the Adelaide writers festival a few years back. He is an engaging speaker with a warm, generous personality, who puts up a convincing show of modesty. Among his many witty anecdotes was a consideration […]

February 14

Short and Sweet – Ten minute theatre that reveals us to ourselves. (Theatre/Festival review)

Short and Sweet Festival King Street Theatre and Seymour Centre 8 January 2014 through to 31 March 2014 Buy tickets to the Short and Sweet heats here. It was a journey that started with a burst into first world problems, traveled through a euthanasia clinic, rotating a few times around a loop of learned experience, […]

November 11

The Maintenance Room – Gerry Greenland and the question of trust. (Theatre Review)

“Something in us wishes to remain a child, to be unconscious or, at most, conscious only of the ego; to reject everything strange, or else subject it to our will; to do nothing, or else indulge our own craving for pleasure or power.” — Carl Jung, The Structures & Dynamics of the Psyche “I was […]

September 10

Any Womb Will Do – Gavin Roach and the baby thing. (Sydney Fringe F Theatre Review)

In a follow-up performance to Gavin Roach’s Confessions of a Grindr Addict, the character of Felix is delightfully revived a few years on from when we saw him last. In Any Womb Will Do he’s older now, still a bit of an odd ball, but as loveable as ever. Roach is a talented writer, and […]