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January 01

The Imitation Game – How many copies do you want? (Film Review)

Think of all the worst clichés about mad scientists, the “driven genius” and closeted homosexual males consumed by intense frustration resulting in profound works of greatness and you have The Imitation Game, a clumsy, frustratingly banal film more interested in preserving the mythology around masculine genius (complete with tics, physical awkwardness, ugliness and a delightful […]

August 18

Begin Again – John Carney with more lost indie music souls. (Film Review)

It’s an exciting experience when a film that looks predictable, that you expect to follow a certain set of rules, suddenly breaks out of its own self-imposed jail with a surprise that warms the heart so well, the rest of the film is made good. I am talking about one particular scene in Begin Again, […]

February 18

Anna Karenina – Joe Wright and Tom Stoppard squeeze Tolstoy down to theatre size (film review)

I was rather shocked to find, as I was researching this film, that the story of Anna Karenina has been made into a film twenty-five times. It was considered by Dostoyevsky – a favorite writer of mine – to be the greatest novel ever written, and Dostoyevsky is not alone in that opinion. Having seen […]

A dangerous Method – Cronenberg spins a Jungian yarn.

When I first saw the shorts for this film, I distinctly remember the feeling of unrest that curdled my stomach. I so wanted this to be a good film. David Cronenberg has made some good films in the past – well I liked The Fly – and I hoped that we were in the hands of […]