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February 13

The Moors – An American in Yorkshire led by Kate Gaul. (Theatre Review)

The Moors Siren Theatre Company Seymour Theatre 9 February to 1 March You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley An air of American disquiet pervades The Moors. That cultural cringe thinly masked by the country’s bombastic insistence international ignorance stems from an always already superiority. This traditional refusal turns to a gothic embrace […]

June 05

The Ham Funeral – Theatre as the ruin of discursivity. (Theatre Review)

The Ham Funeral Siren Theatre Company and Griffin Independent 17 May to 10 June Griffin Theatre You can grab your tickets here. The dramatic death of Mr Lusty and the ensuing ham funeral in his honour should have heralded the departure for Australian culture from our mouldy, illicit landlord England, toward a celebrated separateness. Instead […]

March 06

The trouble with Harry – Competing narratives tousle for the right to control perspective. (Theatre Review)

The Trouble with Harry At the time of the publication of this piece, The Trouble With Harry has ceased its season at the Seymour Centre. Follow updates on any future performances here. If Pier Paolo Pasolini claimed that what is proper to cinema is the authorisation to construct a language of reality with the means […]

November 14

Good with Maps – Journey’s without, within and through time. (Theatre Review)

Good With Maps Invisible Circus, bAKEHOUSE, Siren Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre November 4 – 26 You can grab our tickets here. Photo credits Lucy Parakhina   “I’m good with Maps” declares Jane Phegan immersed in her character created by Noëlle Janaczewska. It’s a bold and declarative statement, not unlike the badges of honour we appoint […]

June 18

Misterman – Kate Gaul electrifies the Old Fitz Theatre. (Theatre Review)

Misterman Old Fitz Theatre 10 to 27 June. You can grab your tickets here. Something seismic happens when Kate Gaul embraces Enda Walsh. She serves up what we go to Indie Theatre for (reverent capitals intended). There is a theatrical simpatico on display that can energise a room with that skillfully woven enticement to unconditional […]

September 20

Four Dogs and Bone – Kate Gaul at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre review)

Four Dogs and a Bone Brief Candle Productions with SITCO for Sydney Fringe 16 to 27 September You can grab your tickets here.  Photo credits – Katy Green-Loughrey There is a peculiar immodesty in writing that assumes fame and money will naturally follow recognition, when overwhelmingly, the converse is true – that even when success […]

June 23

The Violent Outburst that Drew Me To You – Kate Gaul and the smell of teen spirit. (Theatre Review)

The Violent Outburst that Drew me to You Griffin Theatre with Siren Theatre Company 18 June to 12 July. You can grab tickets here. We all know that overwhelming frustrated anger that the human caught between a departure from childhood and the passage into adulthood experiences. Is everyone around me stupid? is the cry of […]

September 23

Penelope – Kate Gaul brings the audience deep into the Enda Walsh pool. (Theatre Review)

Penelope is such a large play, so sprawling in its scope, that (surprisingly for a writer) Enda Walsh ends up leaving a great deal open for the assimilation of director, actor and audience, restraining himself to the grandiose words, relinquishing much of the structure and message to others. Walsh always likes to examine humans trapped […]