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November 07

An Ordinary Person – Robert Allan and the pervasive stigma of the victim. (Theatre Review)

“He’s not bad.  He’s just an ordinary person.” In post-political correctness days, becoming a victim and being a victim are, surprisingly, at opposite ends of the pop psychological rainbow. Victimhood has a timeline that is defined (as Lacan would say) by the “big Other” – that is we don’t know how long you are allowed […]

August 12

Friday – Daniela Giorgi and the tragic giggle that is politics in a democracy. (theatre review)

Politics was so much more interesting in the 1960’s and 1970’s because it was deep and complex. Communism, like a powerful opposition, offered genuine and radical solutions to the problems of the post-industrial age.  When you fought over red wine and Camembert, beer and snags or rice and beans with your neighbor, the arguments outweighed […]