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November 05

Freeheld – Romantic naturalism forges into new territory. (Film review)

In this interview, Freeheld director Peter Sollett states his point that Freehelds purpose is romantic naturalism, that is to present love in a way that appeals to the broader conversation about what love is and what it looks like. This is usually a formulaic, identifiable love story that has traditionally been reserved for the heteronormative […]

January 19

Still Alice – Julianne Moore swims skillfully through an ocean of tears. (Film Review)

Ok, so the first thing to say is that Julianne Moore is amazing in Still Alice and even though she deserved The Award for so many other films, it will certainly help me sleep just that little better at night knowing she finally has ‘One’, and unlike Susan Sarandon that should have had one forever, […]

August 25

What Maisie Knew – Scott McGehee and David Siegel take on Henry James. (film review)

Please note, this review is a discussion on the film that includes spoilers if you are not familiar with the book. What Maisie Knew is a novel written by Henry James in 1897 that is meant to be a harsh criticism on a British society that had no child welfare policies, and used children, just […]