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January 16

Four New Messages – Joshua Cohen tells tall tales but true about the internet. (book review)

Joshua Cohen is in serious danger of becoming one of my favorite contemporary writers. Are you allowed to say that about someone so rarely read? The answer is yes, because fortunately, there are people out there smart enough to publish him, and my current reading has led me to Graywolf Press‘ publication of his book […]

Art that goes deep, not broad.

Someone very precious to me introduced me to the diverse music styles on this blog. When he saw the effect of the music on me, he generously gave me the (at the time) entire music file on his computer. That turned out to be eight DVD discs filled to bursting with lists, collections, and random tid bits […]

A Heaven of Others – Joshua Cohen on ending up in the wrong place at the right time.

How did I get here, if I am still an I? If how and where is here? can still be asked and why? He got here how he got here.  How anyone gets here. How and where it is not my domain, this answering of questions.  It is unbecoming.  Truly insulting.  Beneath me. Below. Rather it is I, […]

The Quorum by Joshua Cohen – Playing at being human, away from the grunt and take.

Because we shouldn’t believe in nations, because we have forsaken our traditions or our traditions have forsaken us, because only individuals matter to those who happen to be one… because everyone has their own voice and we’re all speaking at once, connected through a disconnect and yet still insisting on our fundamental differences, that we’re […]