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June 16

21 Jump Street – Phillip Lord and Christopher Miller on how to get guns into schools. (Film Review)

What saved 21 Jump Street from being a total yawn fest, was the great one liners and the surprise appearance of Channing Tatum as something other than beefcake (comic beefcake) who has good timing. The first 21 Jump Street was loaded with the exaggerated praise reserved for this sort of fan-boy film worship of macho-ism […]

January 14

The Wolf of Wall Street – Scorsese supplies what we secretly demand. (Film Review)

A singular moment upon which The Wolf of Wall Street stands, exists when Jordon Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), sitting in a booth at a diner guru-like, before his slack-bellied, poorly educated males desperately searching for their masculinity, asks his charges to sell him the pen he holds in his hand. Brad Bodnick (Jon Bernthal), a successful […]

July 01

This is the End : Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg do Bromance, again. (Film Review)

This Is The End is about to hit Australian shores and already it has doubled it’s budget in juicy financial returns for writers, directors and producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The film is very much a “two-man show” with Rogen not only writing himself the nicest part of anyone, but also filling the film […]

December 21

Preview of This is The End – Just cause i’m a James Franco fan… oh and the end of the world thingy…

A little treat for those of you who don’t mind adult themes. The Mayans have predicted the world will end today. In preparation for the end of the world, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco have recorded a special introduction to the first clip from their new film THIS IS THE END. The comedy This […]